Kevin Haw splits his time between writing computer code and speculative fiction. While the former pays better, he has found that the latter is much more fun and is not nearly as strict when it comes to punctuation. He makes his home in Southern California . His work has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jim Baen's Universe, Dragon, and Black Gate and has been anthologized by Fantasist Enterprises.


On November 1st, my story "Render Unto Caesar" will be reprinted in World of Warcraft and Philosophy. If you preorder, you will get a 33% discount... and I'll get a commission from my Amazon associate store. Won't you please, please click on the sidebar ad?


  • "Render Unto Caesar,"  Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 2008.
    • Reprinted in World of Warcraft and Philosophy, November 2009. (clicking on this link will get you to the Amazon page for my assosciate store - and give me a commission).
    • "Requirements for the Mythology Merit Badge,"  Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, September 2007.
      • French translation appeared in the Autumn 2008 (vol 8) Anthologie periodique de Fantasy & Science Fiction as "Conditions à remplir pour obtenir la Médaille du Mérite Mythologique."
    • "The Order of the Crimson Tunic," in (anthology) Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Bad Guy, Fantasist Enterprises, 2007.
    • "Technical Exchange,"  Jim Baen's Universe #2, August 2006.
    • "The Grand Tour," Black Gate #6, Fall 2003.
    • "Creature Codex: Nothing to Fear," Dragon Annual #5 (2000)
    •  "Hiders Keepers: The Ecology of the Bag of Devouring," Dragon #271 (May 2000)
    •  "Ill Gotten Gains," Dragon #268 (Feb 2000)
    • "(More than) 101 Uses For a Portable Hole," in Dragon #221 (Sep 1995)


    • "Selected Clippings From the Arkham Gazette Classified Pages," Arkham Tales.


    Here are some of the kind words that I've had the privillege of receiving.

    • Elizabeth A. Allen for Tangent Online on "Requirements for the Mythology Merit Badge"
      [A] modern reinterpretation of old agrarian, pagan faiths to provocative ends. What if such religions flourished and blossomed? What if they became... well... real? It’s hard to write a story in an instruction format, but Haw pulls it off with a low-key, clever punch.
    • Marshall Payne for Tangent Online on "Technical Exchange"
      ... a nice story that combined engineering savvy with humorous office banter. The engineering made it science fiction, and the dry wit made it entertaining... a unique story and a brisk read.
    • Sherwood Smith for SFSite on "The Grand Tour"
      For a thorough-going change of pace, we next encounter newcomer Kevin N. Haw's delightful "The Grand Tour." Take a bunch of average American tourists and send them to Hell for their vacation tour and wait for the postcards. The ending made me laugh out loud. I hope to see more from Haw.

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