About the calculator

This javascript calculator converts between one unit of measurement to another (eg: kilograms to pounds, miles to kilometers, etc.). I wrote it because I noticed a large number of false hits on another page of mine when I added metric units. Note that there is a much better calculator at Google, but feel free to use this one if you wish.

To use, just type the input value in the left field, select the conversion (say, "lb to kg") and press the "Convert" button. You can also enter elementary expressions as input ("22 + 4", "(1.2 * 2.2)/(1.2 + 2.2)") or various mathematical functions and constants ("cos(PI)", "log(10)") (listed here).

I hope you find this calculator to be useful. If so, please drop me a line and let me know or simply visit the rest of my site.

- Kevin N. Haw