Greetings! You've reached the website for Kevin Haw. This is where I host my resume, my writing, and other sundry projects.

Take a peek around and perhaps you'll find something of interest to you, like...

  • Writing - A page hosting my bibliography as well as links to free stories I've written.
  • Projects - A few technology projects I've developed for kicks.
    • All my published Android projects can be found in the Google Play store here.
    • Free version here.
  • D&D Stats Quiz - An online calculator to find a person's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons stats in real life and post them to Facebook or Twitter. Take the quiz. Find your stats. Be glad you don't fight trolls in real life! My latest project is an Android phone version (click here for Android devices only):
  • RoboSapienServer - An arduino driven project, a web enabled robot.
  • Resume - In case you want to hire me.
  • Haw Family History - Scanned family documents.
  • Interview - An audio interview that I did with NPR's The Story about the most expensive thing I ever destroyed.